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The VibeUp Mission

Helping the planet and individuals vibe up

VibeUp is a heart-centered funding platform founded by us, serial entrepreneurs and philanthropists Regan Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona, with the dual mission of raising the vibration of individuals and the planet through the act of giving.

By investing in the planet, you invest in you.

We personally select a growing portfolio of charities and causes to feature here that our community can donate to in full trust. These are causes that are especially close to our hearts, and whom we personally support financially, energetically and emotionally. All of the VibeUp causes have been vetted so you know that 100% of your funds go directly to the mission.

We are so excited for a vision of the future whereby people and the planet support one another in a global mission to VibeUp.


Children Provided Education

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Pencils of Promise

Their future is our future

Pencils of Promise are a non-profit organisation who believe every child should have access to quality education. They create schools, programs and global communities around the common goal of education for all. 100% of online donations go to PoP programs.

Through their key programs, Pencils of Promise provide the means, methods and materials necessary to increase literacy rates in their partner countries, genuinely changing what a learning experience can be for a child anywhere in the world.

Niños Del Sol

A Revolutionary Children’s Home in Peru’s Sacred Valley

Niños del Sol is a children’s home in Peru where a group of children — all survivors of trauma, abuse, and neglect — are being raised as a family.

Your support provides food, housing, a loving staff, school tuition, and financial stability, which enables the children to break the cycles of poverty and abuse in their families for all future generations.

The Niños Del Sol home is 100% sustained by donations from loving individuals like you and is making a huge difference in the kids’ lives by providing stability, security, and peace of mind.

Project Rescue Children

committed to restoring and empowering the rights of every child

Project Rescue Children’s mission is to rescue and protect children from child trafficking and exploitation across the globe. They achieve this through rescue, aftercare, education and awareness.

A 100% volunteer based charity, they are operational in Australia, Cambodia, Kenya, Russia, Myanmar and Romania with further expansions on the horizon.

Project Rescue Children want to make the world a better place for every child, a safer environment for them to grow and thrive, away from the hands of predators desperate to take away their innocence and freedom.

Paws of Costa Rica

Rehabilitating and re-homing cats and dogs in costa rica

PAWS is a non-profit organization with its sole purpose to help improve the overall well-being of the animals in Costa Rica.

All donation money goes to fund their programs, feed the animals, and pay the vet bills to rehabilitate and re-home the most needy cats and dogs in the Quepos area.

Your support gives the chance for desperate, abused and lonely animals to be united with forever loving homes, and helps provide animal welfare education both in the classroom and in the streets to help end the cycle of unnecessary suffering.

Crystallized Roots Movement

committed to improving our climate by planting trees with a higher biophoton count

The purpose of Crystallized Roots Movement is to create better weather patterns and less extreme events in our climate by planting trees that, through ground-breaking new science, are literally taught a new way to connect with the world and atmosphere.

The goal is to plant 1,000,000 trees with Source Seeds Technology, which creates a higher biophoton count in the trees by using subspace programming.

Regan & JuanPa are personally planting 10K Source Seed trees on their land in Costa Rica, also using the ‘Gro Pro’ which raises the water’s energetic state and helps the seeds grow healthier and faster.

Purchase your Source Seeds, Gro Pro and more today with the discount code VIBEUP, and plant the seeds wherever you like to assist the world to move into a new age.

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New Earth Immersion

Planting The Roots of Our Future

As we transition into the New Earth, the time for co-creating conscious communities, sustainable wealth and more meaningful connections with our planet has never been more potent.

Join world-renowned conscious thought-leaders Regan Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona in this once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in the sacred jungles of Costa Rica, on 555 acres of their own private land, to learn, expand, grow and give back to Mother Gaia in new and profound ways.

Spanning 8 days and 9 nights, New Earth Immersion is centred around the primary intention of helping grid the land and intentionally plant 10,000 trees with 8D technology provided by our main event sponsorCrystallized Roots Movement.

Every tree that is planted with the Source Seeds, by our tribe of Planting Partners, alters the atmosphere, so by planting over 10,000 trees in Costa Rica (or donating to purchase these sacred seeds), you’re helping to restructure the atmosphere of the entire planet.

Invest in Our Partners

Invest in your future and the planet’s too

Gaia Fund

GAIA, a crowd fund open to everyone that directly invests in the entrepreneurs and engineers fighting climate change.

Introducing the GAIA Fund, a place for the hundreds of millions of humans concerned by climate change, to invest in cleantech companies and projects. Moreover, GAIA will act as an information resource and marketplace for events and developments relating to the green economy. New technologies, progressive energy policies, electrified transport advancements, and so much more. Powered by Inerjys, and with a decade of us being at the heart of cleantech, GAIA is well positioned to bring together all humanity, with a singular purpose, to reduce carbon emissions, cool our planet, and secure a sustainable future for our children.

We can’t recycle our way out of this. And we can’t keep waiting for the impossible to happen. We need to take matters into our own hands.

Our Founders

Regan Hillyer

Co-Founder of VibeUp

Regan is a self-made Multimillionaire, Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Mindset Coach, and Global Speaker. She is the founder of Regan Hillyer International, a company helping experts uncover their true message and launch powerful personal brands. She helps people make a big impact and build a legacy. Learn more at reganhillyer.com.

Juan Pablo Barahona

Co-Founder of VibeUp

JuanPa is a Transformational Leader, Speaker, Holistic Yoga Teacher, Healer, and Coach. As the founder and director of Kawoq Conscious Living School and Juanpa Global, he has created life-changing programs that are globally recognized and shared. Learn more at juanpablobarahona.com.

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